Introduction: Les Paul Guitar Clock

Hey Guys, another wood working project.  This was a quick one that only takes a few hours.  It is a Les Paul shaped clock which I cut out of Aspen wood.  

Hope you guys enjoy the instructable.  

Step 1: Parts Needed

There are a few tools and parts needed:

Dremel Tool 
Stain Brush
Hot Glue Gun

Aspen Wood
Clock hands set (I picked it up at joanne fabrics)
4 Picks

First I took one of my guitars and laid it down on top of the aspen wood to get the exact dimensions.  It made it a lot easier than having to draw it free hand. 

Next just cut out the guitar shape with the jigsaw but make sure to not press down hard on the face of the guitar.  I ended up giving it a small scuff at the top which I had to sand out.  I would strongly recommend to cut out the guitar upside down.  So any scratches from the jigsaw are on the back of the clock.  To do this make sure you outline the guitar on the wood with your strings down.

After the guitar is sanded you will need to round out the edges around the guitar with the sander.

Step 2: Install Clock Hands and Stain

The next step will be to cut a recessed hole for the clock motor.  I first drilled a hole in the center of where I wanted the hands to come through.  I then put the motor in and outline the side of the motor.  Using the dremel tool I cut into the back of the guitar far enough so the hands could properly come through the front.  This will be dependent on the thickness of the wood and the clock motor.

After cutting the motor hole, I stained the whole guitar.  

Step 3: Glue on Pics

Ok, you don't have to say it..... the gold hands are hideous, but I didn't have any other choices at the store.  

The hands are simple to install and I hot glued in the motor and pics.

That's it.  Pretty simple.

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