Introduction: Lesson 1: the Coordinate System

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Acorn's unique curriculum teaches introductory Geometry, Algebra, and Engineering Design through Autodesk's Fusion 360. We hope that with the help of a 3D design software, concepts of math and science become easy to learn, fun, and intuitive to students!

This chapter focuses on introducing the Cartesian Coordinate System through the Fusion 360 Design space. All materials © Acorn Labs, Inc.

Step 1: The Worksheet

The PDF worksheet re-introduces concepts that students should be familiar with through their math classes.

We begin by introducing a number line, then a 2-dimensional space, and then introduce the cartesian coodinate system in 3-dimensions.

The next step is to explore the 3-d space in Fusion 360!

Step 2: The Video

After completing the worksheet, move on to this video.

This video introduces the Fusion 360 workspace and then shows how the Coordinate Systems is showcased in this software.

Step 3: Conclusion

Hope that a teacher or educator facilitates this lesson. Please contact info.acornlabs (at) and we will help you integrate the curriculum into your classes.