Lets Make a Small Table With an Old Tripod?

Introduction: Lets Make a Small Table With an Old Tripod?

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I had this old tripod lying around for months now, knowing I could make some use of it later on. Fast forward to just a few days ago, when I found this contest. I felt like this contest was just made for me. The amount of scrap materials I have lying around has become questionable, and I just knew I had to make something. So, here's my submission for the "Speed Scrap Contest!"

So, without further ado, here is how I took my old tripod, combined it with a broken drawing table, and gave it a new life!

(P.S. Sorry instructables staff for submitting this just a few hours before the contest ends :p)


Here's what all I used for this project:



-Drill + Wood drill bits

-Orbital sander/File (Use whichever you prefer!)

-Jigsaw/Wood saw

-Vernier caliper/ Whatever you like to use to measure radii


-Old wood drawing table (which I also made :p)





-Measuring tape/scale

-Patience! Take your time while making any project, be it restoring a car, or making a papercraft.

One more thing before I begin, Make sure to have appropriate safety while using power tools. Your safety is in your hands while using power tools, so please be sure to handle them with care and precaution.

Alright, enough blabbering, lets start!

Step 1: Prepping the Tripod [part 1]

I started by removing the handle of the tripod. The long handle can usually be screwed out, and set aside.

Step 2: Prepping the Tripod [part 2]

Next, we remove the portion which has the screws, and the rotating head. Mine was as simple as prying it a bit open, and watching the parts come out one by one. Keep aside once again, who knows, it could be used for a future project?


Step 3: Prepping the Tripod [part 3]

Removing the head was as simple as undoing the screw on the cap. Make sure to keep this aside, as we will be reusing this. The other parts come right off, with little to no persuasion.

With that, we are done!

Well, with the tripod only. Onwards!

Step 4: Prepping the Old Table

Man, that is one shiny piece of lamination.

Anyway, what I did next was cut out a piece out of the wood, 30x30cms.

First measure the length, then mark it out with a marker, and head to the jigsaw!

(Before all of you start asking me why I marked my lines in the center of the table, lets just say that the underside of the table was not in the best shape.)

Step 5: Cutting the Wood

Cutting the wood is really simple: guide your saw along the lines.

Now, I may have taken this project as an excuse to get to use the jigsaw, but that's a topic for another day.

We can already see the table taking shape!

Step 6: Drilling Time!

I measured the top of the tripod with my trusty vernier caliper, and it came out to be 19.5mm in diameter. Luckily, I had the 19mm drill bit handly, and made a hole in the center.

How did I find the center? Quite simple, really.

Just draw 2 lines from the opposite diagonals of the square, and the point where they meet is the center! (this should make more sense once you see the images)

After I drilled the hole, I gave the edges a bit of sanding, and the hole as well, to get rid of any sharp edges, or any splinters.

Step 7: Oh Yeah, It's Coming Together

Now, all that's really left, is to screw the top back in. A few adjustments can be done here and there, but that really depends on what happens on your side. I found a screw that fit the plastic cap, and screwed it back into place.

Lo and Behold, Your side table!

Step 8: Done!

Your all done! Quite a simple project, and this didn't take me more than just a few hours. If you have any similar materials laying around, be sure to try something out like this! You never know what you can make until you try.

Now you have a nice little table for some plants, or maybe even evening coffee on the balcony!

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