Introduction: Let's Make a Walking Robot With a Coca-Cola Tin at Home

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Hello everyone, I am Merve!

We're going to make a robot walking with a Coca-cola tin this week. *_*

Let’s start !


Step 1: Required Materials:

  • 6V 250 RPM motor (x2)
  • Two 9V batteries (x2)
  • Two 9V battery clip
  • Coca-Cola tin (x1)
  • Switch (x1)
  • Materials for decoration
  • Solder
  • Adhesive

Step 2: Construction of the Project

We cut the yellow protrusions underneath the motors in the picture.

Step 3: Siliconized Motors

Then we stick the motors with silicone like in the picture. Here is the part that needs attention; first apply some silicone on the white part and stick the white part of the other motor here, wait a long time to make sure it sticks. Make sure that the silicone does not touch the yellow parts of the motor!

Step 4: Siliconized Batteries to the Motors

Our motors stick together! Now we stick the batteries to the motors.

Step 5: Circuit Design

Now we can constitute the circuit. Solder the cable in the picture to the cross-ends of the motors, then silicoze.

We continue to constitute a circuit like the picture.


The circuit is over! Let's test the robot by opening and closing the switch. If the robot is not running, it means that you made a mistake in the circuit constitute. (if your batteries are full :P) Check connections again.

Step 6: Design

We came to the most fun part of our project! You can do the design part as you like.

We cut the Coca-Cola tin like the picture. We will use the rest for the robot's head.


I cut a small rectangular place in the Coca Cola tin and paste the switch to that part as in the picture. We then place the Coca Cola tin on top of the motors as in the picture and thoroughly siliconize the motors.

To make the robot’s head, we stick the rest of the Coca Cola tin to the top of the robot. I used a pipette for the robot’s arms and I used the eyes that the moving eyes. You can decorate your robot with the decorations you want! The robot is ready! Let's see how you work and walk! :)


I expect your comments for the project. You can comment your questions or contact me.^_^

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