Introduction: Lets Make "inside" StickyFrames - a Display Frame With Easily Replaceable Content That Attaches to Windows in Your Car.

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Due to sudden popularity of my previous instructable I have decided to follow up with another one. This time around, lest make “inside” StickyFrames -  which is a display frame with easily replaceable content that attaches to windows inside of your car. The messages (content) can be quickly generated on a regular printer and regular paper and changing them is super easy. It comes in “letter” size (8.5x11 in). Applications are many like self advertisement that you can quickly change and modify/remove (“Joe the Plumber”) , memes (awesome for all kinds of memes), "For Sale", Political (vote for Pedro), etc, etc. 
Making inside StickyFrames is easy and inexpensive. It consists of only two off the shelf elements. First part is a heavy duty sheet protector that features a protective flap securing the content (a.k.a “SecureTop”) available at any office supplies store. Second part consists of a set of 4 clear suction cups with hanging hooks (metal ones are the best). Attach 4 suction cups to the sheet protector and create inside StickyFrames that are easy to mount inside of the car and effective in displaying whatever message you want.  
Here is what to do in order to make a set of letter sized inside StickyFrames:

Step 1: Get a A Pack of Letter Sized Sheet Protectors With Protective Flap at the End

Start by ordering a pack of 5 mil thick– “heavy weight” letter sized sheet protectors with the top flap. I got them at the office depot store and it works great.
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Of course, you can also use your own vendor; just make sure that the sheet protectors that you are about to buy are not too flimsy. In addition, ensure that there is some extra clearance between the sleeve and the paper. If the paper and the sheet protector fit together tightly , it will NOT work. We will need some space between the content and the plastic protector. 

Step 2: Get 4 Clear Medium or Small Sized Suction Cups

Get 4 small/medium sized clear suction cups at your local office supply store/crafts store. Get the ones with hooks (refer to the picture for reference as these worked perfect for me. Diameter is 4cm).

Step 3: Put Two Suction Cups Into Left and Right Binder Holes

We’ll start making the frame by attaching two bottom suction cups into the left and right binder holes of the sheet protector. It will become a bottom of the display frame. Remove the steel hooks first as they won’t be needed for the bottom and “wiggle in” the suction cups.

Step 4: Attach Two Suction Cups on the Top With Hooks

Once the bottom suction cups are securely attached, prepare to make two small holes on the opposite “top” of the sheet protector. Punch the "pilot" holes with a needle about 1/16 in (around 2mm) below the weld on the left and right sides. Finally attach the two suction cups you have left to the sheet protector by the metal mounting hooks. The pilot holes will make this task much easier. 

Step 5: Ready! Enjoy Your Frame

Congratulations, you now made your own inside StickyFrames. Load your message and place it on the window inside of the car (refer to the picture). Freely attach, adjust, remove, and clean as needed. Experiment to see what messages will get you most response. Word of caution. Apply the frame in such a way that it will not obstruct your field of vision in the car. Also, avoid placing obscene messages inside of the frames as it might get you in legal trouble.

Step 6: Create Content for Your Frames

 When creating content for your StickyFrames, you can use web site: that features a basic web to print interface per-formatted for letter and legal sized messages. It should work well for creating messages quickly. Save the generated picture on your computer, print, and place in the frame.
You can also use more featured editors such as free, famous Adobe Photoshop, or an open source Gimp. When creating letter sized content in Photoshop, I typically create a new document that’s 2200px(w) by 1700px(h) in size.
8. There are also few web sites out there with free cliparts and objects. These can be downloaded as .png images and easily incorporated into your content.
Have fun making your StickyFrames and creating messages. Now you can transform your car into a moving billboard. No need for permanent bumper stickers!