Introduction: Let's Make Lamp Oil Together

It is great to see what you are doing when the sun goes down. Today you can get ready to read by candlelight. The fuel you will make is from whale blubber. I'll use sperm whale because it is handy.

Step 1: First You Must Locate a Whale.

Stay informed about local events

Step 2: Next You Need to Locate Chunks of Blubber

Notice everything, every time you do something.

Now, time to collect a nice chunk of blubber.

Step 3: Then You Need to Bring It Home and Get Ready to Cook.

Wearing gloves and covering your nose will be helpful here.

Step 4: Here Are the Materials You Will Need.

  1. blubber
  2. a knife and fork
  3. a stove
  4. a lighter
  5. a pot
  6. glass jars
  7. a wick
  8. newspaper, cardboard, a bag

Step 5: Cooking With an Adult

Have the adult help you put the stove on and get supplies.

Step 6: Cut Up the Blubber With a Knife and a Fork

This is not easy. In the past whalers used sharpened bars

Step 7: Cook in the Pot

"This is called a "try pot". You will hear it crackle and pop.

"In turn, the sperm whales were hunted mercilessly in the mid 1700s and early
1800s. A single, large sperm whale could hold as much of three tons of sperm oil, making them an incredibly valuable commodity — and in fact, they became the first of any animal or mineral oil to achieve commercial viability."

Step 8: Wait for Ten Minutes

Step 9: Pour the Liguid Oil Into Glass Jars

Have the jars ready. Notice how the oil has changed color as it cooled.

Step 10: Place Wick on Top With a Ring

The ring will keep the wick afloat.

Step 11: Light Your Candle

Use a glass jar so you can see the color and the level and the wick.

Step 12: Dispose of All the Leftovers

This is the hard part. You may want to put it in the green bin.

Step 13: Tonight You Can Enjoy a Good Book by Whale Oil Light

Once Upon a Time...a whale of a tale!!