Introduction: Letter Bulletin Boards

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Everyone has a name. But, what if you can show it off in your bedroom? Try this: my Letter Bulletin Board craft! I made this project originally, not only to post pictures and reminders, but to display your initial proudly on your wall!

Step 1: Materials

The first thing you need to do is gather up the following materials...

  • cork board tile (I am using a 12 inch square; I bought a set of 4 of them from Michael's)
  • fabric
  • straight edge or T-square ruler
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon

Step 2: Prep Your Cork Board

To start, lay out your cork board tile on your work surface. From there, you want to start thinking about what letter you want to use for your bulletin board and trace it out with your ruler and marker. I am using the letter "A" which the letter in my first name: Ariana.

Tip: A straight edge ruler will work for letters that have mostly lines, like A, E, T, and K. However, if you're wanting to use a letter with lines, but with circles, such as B, Q, R or S, you can use an empty coffee can to trace out your circular shapes.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Letter

Now, you're going to cut out the letter with an X-acto knife. For this step, I find it easy to use an X-acto knife, since the cork board is soft and the knife will cut right through it.

Step 4: Trace on Fabric

Now, the next thing is to place your letter on top of your choice of fabric and trace it out with a marker. The second letter shows it how it will look once you've done that step.

Step 5: Cut Out the Fabric

Once you're done with that, you going to cut out your fabric.

Step 6: Glue It On

Now, you're going to glue the fabric onto your cork board. I find it easy to glue the fabric down in parts. In other words, you can start, maybe, on the top and work your way down the bottom, until everything is glued down.

Step 7: Ribbon Loop

The next thing that you're going to make is a hanger for your board. To do this, take some ribbon and cut off an 8 or 8.5 inch strip. Then, make a loop (like you see in the first picture) and glue the two ends down. Then, once it's dry, glue your ribbon loop, just on the very top of your letter.

Tip: Depending on the letter that you make, you want to make several ribbon loops. For example, if you're making the letter "N", make two loops on both tops (like in the intro photo). If your letter has a point on top, like the letter "A", use only one loop.

Step 8: Finished Board

Now, just snip off any excess fabric or cork board that might hang out on the sides. Once, you've done that, your bulletin board is ready to be hung up!

Step 9: Hang It Up

You can, now, hang up your letter bulletin board on your wall, on your dresser, anywhere where you want to show off your initial proudly!

Step 10: Before & After

And that's it! That's how you go from a cork board square to a letter of the alphabet!

Step 11: Various Letter Bulletin Boards

This is just to share with you some other letter bulletin boards I have made for this original project: N / T / A. I have made a couple to give out as gifts.

I came up with the idea for this letter bulletin board, because this is a fun way to add some personalization into your bedroom and showcase who you really are as an individual person.

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