Introduction: Letter With Java(techy Love)

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Yeah I am back after a year to make more instructables.....So to start with in java the print statement is too big"System.out.println()" so i basically thought of making it smaller by a user defined class and made it look a little better by putting some delay statement.....I did it basically for making a bigger project(which i am current working on ) look better but i love making instructable so i am making this even though i know that i don't deserve a prize for this .....

Step 1: The Code

public class Printf { String a ="hello this is the sample string the real string will have to be \n written here in this place as of now i am not writting anything"; public void print() { for(int i =0;i

Step 2: CODE

If in case the code does not appear in the last step plz see it from the screen short

Step 3: Explanation

Okay i know that was petty much lame but still.....i am extraction each character from the string name "a" and displaying it and then executing a delay loop so as to create a gap between this letter and the next this givin g an effect as if some one is typing it and if it is a lubb(i am using this word to refer to ventricular systole and more over it sounds like the actual word) letter it can built up a bit of suspense....

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