Introduction: Leveling Laser Cutter Z-table

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I have a FS 40W  hobby laser and I figured out a way to get the cut bed level. When I first got the machine I noticed the z-table was not leveled with the laser head. I took the z-table apart and found out the 4 corner was driven by a belt and one of the "column" was about 0.1 " higher. I tried to adjust it by holding still the other "column" so the belt will slip and I am able to adjust only one column at a time. Even after that I was still getting inconsistent results in my vector cuts. One section would have a clean cut and another section did not even cut through. There are two reasons for this, the z-table is not level, the honeycomb is not flat. Today  I fixed the z-table. I am planning to replace the honeycomb cut bed with something else, but that's for another time. UPDATE: Aluminum angle panel for laser cutter.

Wood or acrylic to make the z-table adjustment wheel. 
M10-1.50 Hex  Nuts (6)  

Using this method you will not need to take apart your machine.  I don't know how durable the belt is, so do it at your own risk. 

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