Introduction: Lever Action Winchester Replica

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It’s Christmas time. And here is my present to all of the knexers.
It’s a replica lever action Winchester rifle. It’s just a regular slingshot. I wasn’t real worried about making a new system since it’s made for looks. It does however shoot a good 100 feet. This gun also uses a pressure fit system so that there are not many rods sticking out the sides.
So yeah, this is my first real replica. I did make the Kentucky long rifle, but this is better in many ways. So what do you think?? It will only take a few second to let me know.

Step 1: The Stock

Like I said in the intro, this gun uses a pressure fit system. This might be kinda hard for some of you to build.

Picture 1: Build two of these panels.
Picture 2: Add these two brown/orange connectors.
Pictures 3-4: Build this guy. Note the the blue rods are flexi rods.
Picture 5: Add the "guy" to the panel.
Picture 6: Add the other panel.

Step 2: The Handle

Picture 1: Build two of these. The purple rods are flexi white rods.
Picture 2: Build this thing-a-ma-bob.
Picture 3: Add the three blue rods and brown connector.
Picture 4: Add it to the panel.
Picture 5: Build these things.
Picture 6: Slide the parts of the trigger over the rods.
Picture 7: Make this.
Picture 8: Add it on.
Picture 9: Add the other panel.

Step 3: The Back Barrel

Picture 1: Build two of these.
Picture 2: Build this dodad.
Picture 3: Add it to the panel.
Picture 4: Build this
Picture 5: Build
Picture 6: Add it to the panel
Picture 7: Do the same.
Picture 8: Add the other panel

Step 4: Front Barrel

Picture 1: Build these two panels.
Picture 2: Make this thing
Picture 3: Add the thing to the thing. And add the other panel. (Sorry I don't have a picture)

Step 5: Connect the Parts

Picture 1: Line up these two parts.
Picture 2: Snap it together
Picture 3: Add the white rod and gray connector.
Picture 4: Snap the gray clip with the gray/white rod.
Picture 5: Line these two parts up.
Picture 6: Snap them together.
Picture 7: Line the front and back barrels up.
Picture 8: Connect them.

Step 6: Adding the Bands.

Picture 1: Add this band
Picture 2: Add the band to the trigger
Picture 3: Flip the band like this
Picture 4: Make the bullet
Picture 5: Snap the bullet in like so.

To fire just pull the trigger.

Step 7: You Are Done!!!

You're done!!!!

I hope you like this gun, and don't forget to: