Introduction: Lever Keyboard

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I reinvent the wheel.

It would seem that can be done with the keyboard. What manufacturers do not only create ... tried to make them thinner, they changed the material of manufacture. There were metal, wooden buttons and more. One thing remains unchanged - this keyboard layout. Symbols English and Russian alphabets are always arranged in a certain order and their position unchanged. Of course, all users have long been accustomed to typing on a keyboard layout. Change the arrangement of letters and fraught with irrational marketing failure, as few people agree to be retrained on a non-standard keyboard. I tried to change the approach to the keyboard as a "board with the keys." All are perfectly looks like a joystick. In fact - it is a mini keyboard. Structurally, the joystick is a control panel with keys. Above them, set the lever on ball joint. When the lever is tilted, for example forward, one of the pushers, which are arranged n the end of the lever - presses on the key that is responsible for the movement forward. Similarly, work and other keys, when the joystick lever is rotated in one direction or another. Newer models are able to recognize not only the inclination of the arm, but also the force which the user applies, thereby controlling acceleration can be achieved, for example, in a racing simulator. We take for example a conventional keyboard, it set the plastic construction. Figure I schematically depicted design only alphabetic characters and the numeric keypad. Each design has nine pushers. Consider in detail the design, which is responsible for keystrokes: Q, W, E, A, S, D, Z, X, C. The figure below shows a first embodiment of a pusher of different lengths. Pushers keys Q, Z, C, E marked in figure purple, longer than marked in blue pushers for symbols A, X, D, W. A plunger S symbol is longer than all the others. This is done so that when you press the lever in order to print the character «S» other pushers have not pressed adjacent letters. So it is with symbols purple group. The most difficult was it to resolve the issue with pressing the blue group symbols, as pushers purple group while trying to send a pusher on the symbol of the blue group. It was changed the length of the groups of pushers. Blue group became longer and purple was shortened. It is in this configuration design to fit a standard keyboard. However, for the full commercial product is best created from scratch rather than upgrade the standard keyboard. The flat surface has a lever 4 characters for the numbers one and two duplicate keys for the main (space, shift, enter, alt, ctrl, del, etc.). In addition, you can add a touch panel keys for additional functions. Finally got a concept, which is presented below. If you draw the layout designer, as well as approach to development in terms of ergonomics and medicine, we get a functional and convenient device for inputting information into the computer. The unquestionable advantages of such a device include the following: - The minimum number of movements in the joints of the fingers. - Replacement of the usual finger movements on the keyboard to movements in different directions the joystick lever. - New, futuristic design. - The minimum cost of production, through the use of discarded keyboards with minimal alterations. - Joysticks may be movable over the surface of the main unit. To do this, you can provide wireless charging each joystick inductive coupling between it and the main unit keypad. A fixation on the basis may be formed by magnets, or finger-jointed. - Prevention of diseases of the joints due to changes in the trajectories of joints. - Joysticks can be controlled much more accurate text input for example on the dirty industries to the harmful environmental conditions that require wearing protective gloves. In this case, pressing the key will be inaccurate, and when the lever input method can reduce the likelihood of a slip to almost zero. - Using a plastic template and guide system - can achieve high precision guidance of a pusher on the key. This will help reduce the likelihood of errors in the character set. -The ability to print one hand, changing the position of the joystick so as to reduce the movement of the elbow joint and enter text just a little push levers in the right side of the letters. - You can change the function of each key on his thanks to special software. Thus - one keystroke you can switch the keyboard to the text mode, for example, games, posting a wireless joysticks as comfortable to the user. - Scalable and functional capacity of the device by adding additional joysticks change Controller, etc. - In the home, you can make homemade plastic casting process stops and joysticks and installed on a standard keyboard. RegenTech © 2014 Development, description, picture, and the basic idea of the concept belongs to the site administrator Link when copying articles - is required.