Introduction: Levitation Photography 2.0

Many people have had the dream to fly or just float in mid air, but it has never been done. I found a way to float in the air in a picture. You might think that you need a lot of fancy materials to make this happen but all you need is a tripod, a camera and Gimp. These are all Common and easy to find items, Gimp is free and works on all computers including Linux, tripods aren't as common as the others but they can be super cheep, cameras are everywhere you can use any type of camera but you will need for it to to be attachable to you tripod.

Step 1: Why

Why would you want to make levitation photography? Because it makes your pictures look abstract and awesome! Levitation photograph makes the pictures interesting and unreal. For example you want to make a a cool Halloween picture where a witch is flying on a broom. How are you going to do that? Well it's easy just take you pictures and get ready to Gimp.

Step 2: Materials

You don't need lots of materials and all of it is easy to find.

  1. A Camera, they are not cheep but they are really easy to find. Also the better the camera the better your picture will turn out, but most of the time a regular phone camera will do.

  2. A Tripod, these aren't cheep either but they are worth it, if you don't have one and you like taking picture I really recommend getting one. They have a lot of uses and you can use them for many things other than levitation photography.
  3. A Computer with Gimp, this is like Photoshop but it is universal and works on PC, Mac and Linux. I use Linux so if you have a hard time understanding fell free to ask any questions.

  4. A Place to take your Picture, you can take the picture anywhere but the ideal place is where there are no shadows or moving objects.

Step 3: How to Take the Picture

Taking the pictures are one of the hard parts of this project. To take pictures that are exactly you're going to need a tripod or some amazing skill. The put the camera on the tripod and place it in front of a place that does not change at all. A good place would be where there are no shadows or moving objects. What is bad about shadows is that they can move with the sun, but if you absolutely want to take it outside under waving trees that are moving you can all you'll need to is do a little more Gimping. Take a picture of the place you are going to float with out the stool or the person that is going to float, then right after take another picture with the stool and the person doing some sort of floating position. If you don't have any good ideas how to float try to imitate some person that can fly like Super Man, Harry Potter, The Flying Lotus (Yoga),or any thing that has to do with floating.

Step 4: How to Float

Now that you know how to position yourself lets talk about how to position the person that is going to levitate. The person needs to be on some sort of object that is stable enough to support them. The person that is going to levitate needs to sit in a position that looks like if they are floating. They shouldn't sit in a way that you can tell they are sitting, it will make the picture look unreal. They should lay on their stomach or on their back these positions make the pictures look real. I only used one stool because I didn't need that much support, but if you are taking shorts where the person is in a crazy position you can use more stools or other objects to support yourself. Also remember to let your clothes hang down you don't want them to look as if they are perfectly stuck to your body, people will think you are laying down on something.

Step 5: Gimping

You should of know token some amazing and floating pictures. Download them on to you computer get Gimp up and ready and get ready to do some editing.

  1. You need to install Gimp.
  2. Download your floating pictures on you computer.
  3. Open the picture you took without the person on the stool.
  4. Open as layer the picture with the person floating.
  5. In the layer tool box make sure the picture that has the person is on top to switch them around using the arrows
  6. Click Layer in the menu on the top and click Transparency and then Add Alpha channel. Put the alpha channel on the image with the person.
  7. Click the Eraser Tool and then adjust the eraser size and the type of brush so that they are convenient for you, all this is located in Tool Options box.
  8. Start erasing the stool but do not touch the person that you want to float. Get as close as you can, but don't get too close.

Step 6: Erasing the Support

Now you should understand the gist and what you need to do.

  1. Zoom in so that you can erase more precisely and not erase the person
  2. Change the eraser size, the eraser should be very large you should make it smaller, but if you are comfortable with it that size go for it.
  3. Erase any trace of the stool with the eraser tool you might need to make it smaller again to get in little gaps.
  4. Once every single trace of the stool is gone zoom out and you have your levitating picture.
  5. If you want you can also resize it so that the person floating is closer, I didn't have the need to do that so I didn't but if you're wondering how to do it go do the Gimp Tutorials, I really recommend it if you enjoy using Gimp

Step 7: Conclusion

I put some examples of the before and after product so that you could see the differences. I am not an expert but I hope this helped you take better and make some fascinating pictures. I'm not sure if I was clear enough in explaining the steps, but I think the photos will help. Also if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Suggestions and corrections are appreciated and i would love to see your levitation pictures. I hope you enjoyed learning how to take levitation photography!

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