Introduction: Home-Made LED Flashlight USB Charger (12V 1.8Ah Li-ion Battery!)

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This is a project is powered by a 12 VOLT 1.8 AMP hour Lithium Ion Battery that powers two flashlights (warm and cold), USB charger, And 12 VOLT output.

This isn't a step by step tutorial because anyone can build it to fit their own needs, I'm just showing how I built it.

There will be a video at the last step showing some of the features I made, I do recommend watching it, But it doesn't include all of the features that are shown here

Step 1: This Is the Battery

A high power 12 VOLT 1.8 AMP hour battery

Link to eBay

The second picture shows the charger

Step 2: LED's

These are the led's I used:

Cool LED

Warm White LED

Step 3: A Look Inside

This is how the inside looks:

The battery, USB and 12V Outputs, Switch Connections, And the PCB.

Step 4: Outputs

If you hover your mouse over each output there will be text that explains each one

The button switch has to be pressed to activate the outputs (press again to disconnect the outputs)

Step 5: Main Switch

This is the main button switch has to be in the on position. Nothing will work if the the main switch is off.

Step 6: Mounting the LED's

The LED's are mounted to a heat sink (that was sawed in half to fit) with thermal epoxy. The heat sink was then hot glued onto the outside case with hot glue (It doesn't heat up enough to melt it).

Step 7: Thank You

Thank you for watching!

If you want to see more of these projects you are welcome to visit my Instructables page!

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There are no viruses in the video (Scanned With Avast)

I wasn't able to compress the video file, But if it is viewed on a computer the downloading process shouldn't take too long

If You have problems with the video, this is the link to watch the video from my Google Drive with the YouTube viewer:

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