Introduction: LiPo Accu Hardcase MDF

The idea came of an off-grid storage garage box in which I use 3 of these accu's for having lights and 230Vac power outlet.

Since the accu's need to be recharged frequently, carring them around is not always safe and secure, especially if charged.

Via this way I would like to give them a proper modular design to be able to stack them and foresee them of internal electronics for voltage indication wit han extra usb 5V 3A outlet.


- mdf wood, thickness 3mm

- laser cutter for wood

- wood glue

- inkscape software on pc

- internet

- boxes design

Step 1: Protecting Your Battery

Measure the dimensions of the battery and calculate the box size approx 10mm wider and higher than the accu itself. make it apporx 4 cm longer for the length of the accu. in the length there will be place in the box for custom electronics.


dimensions: 169x69x27mm

Step 2: Making Design on Line

Fill in the measurements with the extra space for the protective foam to be wrapped around the accu.

Step 3: Protecting the Accu With Bubble Wrap

wrap the accu in bubblewrap for protecting against shocks, secure it with tape

Step 4: Putting the Box Together

use the laser cutter to cut the 3mm mdf plate en build it together with wood glue. (images to be added)

- first build the base plate with the upstanding walls, using wood glue

- let it dry for +- 1h

- place the accu and put the cables through the front plate

- add extra bubble wrap if needed to fill the empty place

- glue the top cover

Step 5: Completed Assembly

Aafter the wood glue has dried up, the accu box is ready to use.

Step 6: Update for Extra Fucntions

For those who can't get enough..:

In attachment more pictures and files of the updated design for extra functionality: switch for usb power supply and voltage indication, available at AliExpress:

voltage indicator 3 cell LiPo accu (3.7V/cell):

push button for voltage indication:

switch for usb power supply:

usb power supply 5V/3A on pcb:

wire schematics will follow..

The svg files are all in one (_all_.svg) and separated for easier lasering the components on small (scrap) wood plates.