Introduction: "Liar" Custom Costume

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My name is Sam and this is my costume, "Liar." I'm the one wearing the costume and also the artist who applied all of the makeup. The idea was to make it look like the word "Liar" was carved into my face and I was in some sort of fire or explosion. I chose this look so it would imply a back story of someone, maybe an ex-girlfriend, getting caught up in this person's lie and ending up getting hurt by it. This drove them to inflict the pain that you see in my character.

Step 1: Thanks for You Consideration

Thank you so much for considering me to be a costume winner, I've been applying to be a makeup artist at local haunted houses and have been turned down by every single one and their excuse is... I'm too young. I'm 18 years old and being a makeup artist is my passion. I know if I won this contest that it would tremendously improve my resume and help me get a job at a haunted house in the following years and potentially in movies and Hollywood (That's my dream). No matter what, win or lose, I will keep doing this, because it's what I love. Thank you so much for your consideration and time spent reviewing my application. Happy Halloween!

Step 2: Props and Clothing

My makeup was done after that and I put on my specially tampered clothing. I bought these clothes new and applied actual burns and tears into them. I also rubbed in fake blood (not too much) on the parts where the clothes had completely burnt away, exposing my under layer of clothing. After I got the look I wanted from the burns, I washed the clothes to get rid of the burnt smell and also to make them safe to wear. I put the clothes on after my makeup was done and my costume "Liar" was finished.

Step 3: Cost $


Liquid Latex - $7

Translucent Powder - $7

White, Blood Spotted Contacts (came in a pair) - $48

Color Pallet - $4

Grey Cream Makeup - $2

Fake Blood - $2

Black Hair Spray - $2

White Hair Spray - $2

Clothes - $17

Makeup Sponges - $4


Step 4: The Makeup of "Liar"

I used liquid latex which I layered on my skin till I had 6 layers of dry latex. I then made tears in the latex to form the word "Liar." I did the same to other parts of my face and neck to simulate melted skin from burns. I covered my entire face and neck area with a base coat of grey cream makeup. After the grey makeup had dried, I continued to apply makeup that I bought from my local Smith's. It was a simple color pallet, but it was just what I needed. I added yellows, purples, reds, browns, blues, and greens on top of the grey to had skin tones but still make it look like I was covered in soot and ash from a fire. After that, I filled in the torn latex. I filled in the cuts with red and the burnt spots with purple. I wiped away the purple from the center of the burnt spots, exposing my natural skin, and only left it around the edges. Next I powdered my whole face with translucent powder so that my makeup would be dry to the touch and not rub off. Next I filled in the cuts with fake blood, but not too much, and wiped away the blood from the center of the cuts, leaving my skin exposed and giving it a more realistic look, and only left blood around the edges. After that, I used black hair spray to change my hair from brown to black. I then lightly tipped my newly black hair with white to add a singed and more realistic look. After that, I simply put a special white, spotted with tiny blood droplets, contact into my left eye only. I did this because my character had more damage done to the left side of his face from the fire and having the word "Liar" carved into it.

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