Introduction: Libratone Zipp Mini Teardown / Repair Guide

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In this Instructable I will fully disassamble the Libratone Zipp Mini

If your bottom plastics is broken you can follow the instructions until step 5.

If you want to replace the battery follow until step 13.

Step 1:

This my Zipp Mini - it fell down from the table and hit the ground a little bit too hard...

At first you have to remove the cover - I assume you know how to do that...

Step 2:

Remove the leather loop or how this thing is called by using a slotted screwdriver and turning the screw 90° anticlockwise.Then you can simply pull the leather loop and it will come out.

Step 3:

Remove the caps covering the screws using a small slotted screwdriver and gently pushing up as shown in the pictures. Afterwards remove the now uncovered screws.

Step 4:

Remove the bottom rubber stand using a slotted screwdriver and your hands. The remove the now visible four screws.

Step 5:

Now you can lift the main part up and it will reveal two connectors - unplug them carefully.


If only your bottom plastics is broken you can stop here and use a soldering iron or glue to fix the crack!

Step 6:

Remove the tiny screws hidden underneath the zipper as shown. A ring will fall down.

Step 7:

Unscrew the two screws and lift the cables carefully up so they dont stick to the housing anymore.

Step 8:

After destroying the seal on the right you can pull the two halves apart revealing the inside.

Step 9:

Make sure to unplug the speaker cable.

Step 10:

Look at the insides and enjoy :D

Step 11:

Remove all the cables connecting to the logicboard and remove the four screws holding the logicboard in place. Now lift the antenna up so it doesn't stick to the housing anymore.

Step 12:

Now you can simply lift up the logicboard.

Step 13:

Now you can lift out the plastic part which is connected to the battery.


If you just want to replace the battery you can top here!

Step 14:

Some logicboard details :D

Step 15:

Lift the small rubber things up on both sides and remove the cables in order to lift up the top part.

Step 16:

Remove the three screws and the lift up the speaker.

Step 17:

Reconnect all the cables and put the two halves back together.

Step 18:

Remove the four screws and the two smaller boards. Then you can fix a crack or whatever you want.

Step 19:

Reconnect all the cables and put everything pack together.

Put the screws back in and reattach the bottom rubber using double sided sticky tape or whatever you prefer.

I hope you liked my instructable!

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