Introduction: License Plate Bracket for Motorcycle — on the Cheap

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After looking at the cost of a legit motorcycle license plate bracket, $20-100, I was on a mission to make my own and save some money.

My DIY bracket doesn't use a plate light but I can probably add a small LED light in the future.

I made this for my 2002 Honda VFR800 motorcycle.

Step 1: Buy Your Bracket

Picked this up from my local Home Depot for under $4. Initially bought two but after looking at my setup, decided to use one bracket.

Step 2: Initial Design

I was going to have the license plate pivot to where you can change the angle but when with using just one bracket. As you see in the pic, one end would attach to the moto while the other side would have the license plate.

Step 3: Drill Holes and Bend Flaps

Measure and drill the holes you need so you can mount to the moto and add the license plate. I had to drill new holes in the license plate so I can mount it on the bracket.

I then put the bracket arms in a vise grip, bent them at an angle, which created flaps. This is where the plate will live. Make sure you have enough angle so the license plate won't catch on your rear tire if you hit a dip.

Step 4: Test Fit

Make sure everything lines up.

Step 5: Paint and Install

Make it look pretty, install it, and enjoy!