Introduction: Lie Detector+vending Machine: With Arduino Leonardo

This Lie detector is not your normal average lie detector, it is a lie detector that has a vending machine attached to it. Basically, this is how it works. At the start, the player will press a button that will start the machine, and before the lie detector starts detecting, it will give you a candy. After you finish using the lie detector. You will have to count the number of times that you lie (this tutorial will explain how to tell). If the number of times that you lie is under 3, then you can press another button to get another candy.

Step 1: Materials

Here is a list of materials that you will be needing for this project:

  1. Electronic parts
    • Arduino Leonardo

    • LED lights(red, orange, blue)

    • wires

    • resistors (10k, 800)

    • 1 button

    • stepper motors

    • cable

  2. Materials
    • base box (21cm x 13.5cm) height: 9cm

    • small box (8cm x 13.5) height:5
    • metal wires

    • 1 scissors
    • 1 unity knife
    • 1 unused pen

    • 1 paper roll

    • 2 cotton swabs

Step 2: Vending Machine

Step 3: Lie Detector

Step 4: Coding

Step 5: Making the Case

The plan for this machine is that there are 2 boxes attach to each other. one base box which will store all the Arduino equipment, and the lie detector. The 2nd box is a lot smaller and is more like a dome, which means there are only three sides. This will go on top of the base box. It will also be where the motor for the vending machine will go. Since the vendor needs a tilt so that the candy can fall off easily, the 2nd box needs to be higher to make sure the tilt is just right.

base box (21cm x 13.5cm) height: 9cm

  1. cut out 1 hole at the side for cable
  2. cut out 4 holes (1 big, 3 small) on top of the box for led lights and the button
  3. cut out small holes at the back for motor
  4. cut out a big hole at the front for the vending machine
  5. cut out another hole on top for the tilt for the vending machine

Smaller box (8cm x 13.5) height: 5cm

  1. cut off one of the base sides (8cm x 13.5) of the box
  2. Only insert the smaller box to the base box

Step 6: Making the Motor

  1. grab your materials!!
    • the smaller box
    • scissors
    • metal wire
    • unused pen
    • paper roll
    • cardboards
    • 2 cotton swab
    • 1 unity knife
    • 1 paper roll
    • motor
    • 1 unused pen

  2. cut out a piece of cardboard(8cm x 12cm)
  3. fold it in 7cm and 5cm
  4. cut out two 3 cm of cotton swabs and glue it onto the cardboard to create a tilt
  5. glue this cardboard inside of the smaller box
  6. take the motor and hot glue the unused pen on it
  7. hot glue a small part of the paper roll onto the pen
  8. get a metal wire and curl it in little circles.
  9. attach it to the motor
  10. hot glue the motor on to the cardboard, and done!!