Introduction: Life Hack: 30 Second 3D Printer Filament Spool Holder

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Make a 3D printer filament spool holder in 30 seconds...for realsies.

There's like a million ways to make a spool holder, but this is the way that I do it. It's cheap, easy, and has all the information about the filament you're using on the side. No need to make something complicated. Just follow these steps and you'll be awesome.

What you need:

  • The box your filament came in
  • Scissors
  • A rod (pencils, steel rods, cardboard tube, whatever)

Step 1: Cutting the Box: Top and Side

Start by cutting the top of the box off and then about halfway down the box on one side (like in the photos). You're gonna need the top open to fit the spool in and the front to let the filament go through. You can be creative and add a brush or sponge to clean the filament as it passes through, but I didn't.

Step 2: Cutting the Box: Sides

You're gonna need some slots on the side to fit a rod to hold up the spool.

A couple of inches down the box should work fine. Just don't cut down so low to have the bottom of the spool touch the bottom of the box. Less friction = better.

So you can use any sort of rod to hold the spool. I used a steel smooth rod that came out of a printer because it was the first thing that I could get my hands on (I had a box of salvaged parts next to me) Anything long and wide enough should work though, perhaps a pencil, cardboard tube, PVC tubing, conduit...

Step 3: Conclusion

So that's all folks. Easy to make spool holder. When you're done using the filament, just take the rod out and keep it in the box.

Feel free to take this idea and put your own spin (haha) to it and share it with us!

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