Introduction: Life-Hack Splash Sprinkler With Normal Screws, Bolts & Nuts

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This is my 1st project named "Water World". A very easy life-hack splash sprinkler by using only normal screws, bolts & nuts.

From diagram of "Working Principle", it shown a very simple working structure and free-energy, because the only power came from water pressure!

Supplies are very simple and easy to get:

- Screw x1

- Bolts x2 (diagram shown as ring)

- Nuts x1

- Waterpipe (the 1 we used is 25mm dia.)

This life-hack splash sprinkler is to stimulate the actual gardening and shower sprinkler but in more kids projects styles or life-hack use.

P.S. At the end of the project, I also found out if we tried to drew the holes smaller that would make the splashing effect more beautiful, but most of all, it needs high water pressure as this is generating power from water pressure itself..!!