Introduction: Life Size Jason Vorhees/Friday 13th Halloween Model With 15.4 Inch Tv/dvd Stomach and Servo/arduino Moving Head

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Permanent stand/sit life size Jason Vorhees with a tv/dvd combo built in...also an arduino powered servo neck to make Jason search his next victim......

Step 1: Construction of Jason

hi everyone and welcome to my 2nd instructable. Being a the most prolific serial slasher in history is hard work (so i hear) so i constructed my LIFE SIZE JASON VORHEES WITH WORKING JOINTS so he can have a well deserved sit down after a hard days killing. I originally built him to permanently stand and had him "answer the door" to all the trick or treaters on Halloween. They all loved him because he had a servo/arduino in his neck and i hid behind him operating the potentiometer to make his head move. Lots of screams. Awesome!!!!! To create the legs i used some old 5.1 surround speaker cases. I cut a equal size notch in the knee area and bolted the 2 together. The notch i cut helps,when the leg is extended, to lock in position. I then drilled to holes in each leg at the bottom/foot area and screwed the legs to and old pair of work boots. If you was to have him sat down permanently (which he now is in my 13yr old sons bedroom) you can miss this part out, which is to then screw the boots/leg combo to a flat piece of wood that acts as a stand. you'll notice in the pics that i also used 2 spare poles at the back of his legs. The boots i used had loops at the back so i threaded the poles through the loops and into 2 pre drilled holes in the wooden stand. For extra stability i tied the boot laces round the poles and the legs. For the top half of the body its the same process. A large pole that would be the "spine", some poles for his arms. you can simply bend the poles or snap/cut them and drill/bolt them both to act as elbow joints.

Step 2: Jasons Head

I wanted his head to be as accurate as possible (skin colour etc) and was struggling for ideas. His mask is a full size replica i bought from ebay so i had the idea of simply blowing up a balloon and putting the mask over it. He looked ridiculous and about as scary as Mickey mouse (and the balloon was green) so, AND MASSIVE THANKS TO MY AWESOME WIFE BECKY FOR COMPLETING HIS HEAD (AND SLEEPING ON THE COUCH FOR 2 NIGHTS BECAUSE I TOOK OVER OUR BEDROOM COMPLETLY) she soaked a few newspapers in water and pva glue and paper mached the balloon. For the colour she simply used some make up she never uses and the results were amazing. The rough looking texture from the newspapers gave the head a realistic look and fit perfectly with the mask. I glued the servo/arduino on a circular rubber stop from a washing machine and then glued this to a metal tube. Once the mache had hardened i glued a circular piece of plastic to the base of his head and screwed the servo to it.THE ARDUINO CAN BE UPLOADED WITH NUMEROUS SKETCHES BUT I SIMPLY USED THE "KNOB" SKETCH FROM THE BUILT IN EXAMPLES. THE "SWEEP" SKETCH EXAMPLE IS GOOD BUT ITS VERY ANNOYING WHEN HIS HEAD IS TURNING THROUGH 180 DEGREES CONSTANTLY WHILST TRYING TO WATCH HIS TV/DVD STOMACH. I used an old plastic plant pot with a hole cut out for his head/neck to sit in. The neck was made from 2 empty painters tape rolls i had from my 3d printer bed.

Step 3: Jasons Wardrobe and Making Him Anatomically Correct

A short but important step. Dark clothes. It would be pretty silly to put the worlds most prolific slasher in a white tuxedo or frilly dress:) Dark blue black attire,make rips at random places, and of course plenty of fake blood. I used red paint that dried a funny pink colour so i darkened it with.........JAGERMEISTER. Yep, i threw some jager into my paint pot and it darkened the red paint quite effectively. Once the poles have been dressed your left with a very sad, skinny looking serial killer. Getting your model anatomically correct is important for realism. Jason Vorhees is a big powerful dude so i filled my model out with net curtains which we have an abundance of. Just make sure this is ok with whoever they belong to or you may end up like Jasons victims when your missus or mum finds out. I actually had to dismantle my first "stand only" model because he stood at 7 foot and 1 inch (see pics)

Step 4: Add the Tv and Any Accesories

The tv/dvd is for a permanently "satdown" model which mine is. Mine also has now got a "tears of blood" feature using some small clear rubber tubes, a 12v water pump and a bowl of "blood" hidden inside the model under the tv. To attach the tv i simply screwed a wall mount bracket to the tv and the bracket hooks to jason and slid them together. I hot glued his right hand to the top of the tv and his left,including his machete,to the bottom so it looks as if he's holding the tv. The power cord is threaded through the model and through a hole i drilled in the chair.

Step 5: Voila, All Done...

And there you have it...A life size, anatomically correct, portable tv/dvd wielding, head turning pyscho serial killer all of your own...My wife Becky who puts up with my madness on a daily basis told me to enter him in this contest. Ive seen some amazing stuff created on instructables, its by far the best community of creators ive seen yet and ive gained quite a few inspiring ideas for the future. I hope my Jason model can help inspire others to create stuff. JASON JUST TOLD ME WHILST OUT HUNTING OVER SEXED TEENAGERS TRESPASSING AT CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE HE FOUND THIS PATHETIC EXCUSE OF A WEAPON. A GLOVE WITH KNIVES ON THE FINGERS. IT HAS A NAME WRITTEN INSIDE...F. KRUEGER...JASON WOULD LIKE TO RETURN THE GLOVE TO THE LADY IT BELONGS TO :):):):):)


IF I LIVE, MORE INSTRUCTABLES COMING SOON...Thanks for the inspiration Instructables community!!!!!!