Introduction: Life Size Robot Prop

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Liza Trainer has come up with some pretty awesome stuff over the years. Here is one of her many creations that start, not surprisingly, with a simple idea. Enjoy :).

Alright guys, I see the problem. No, I am not plagiarizing, Liza is a friend, and she asked me specifically to put this project on this website. I would not take something without asking and would never plagiarize her work. The link above is to her website, the link here is to the forum post of her asking me to post the project online. Finally, here is the forum post about the project. Enjoy.

Step 1: Da Feet

First she created the feet, very simply, as you can see below.

Step 2: De Legs

Next, she added more of the legs and gave it a human sitting look.

Step 3: Ze Body

Here she added a torso and some arms, and filled out the "sitting" look even more.

Step 4: Color

Then she painted the robot with a pretty simple camouflage paint job.

Step 5: Details

Some final painting and detailing make it look more worn and used, it even looks almost burned in a couple of places now.

Step 6: Finito!

The final image of the completed head,with details and paint and good looks, oh my!

And that's how she does it, folks ;). Just use your imagination and be creative, any old piece of junk can be fitted to the body of a robot somehow, be it plastic tubes or old wire, or a little sticker. It's your job to figure out what else it could be, in your imagination. Good luck.