Introduction: Life Hacks - Sugar

I am going to show 4 simple lifehacks.
Here are some awesome ways to use sugar for something other than food.

Step 1: Extending the Life of Flowers Bamboo.

You can extend the life of your fresh flower bouquets just by adding a table spoon of sugar, every time you change the water.

Step 2: Good for Garden.

If your garden need a boost, just mix handful of sugar to soil.
Sugar increases the microbial life in the soil which help plant in growing and being healthy.

Step 3: Removing Grass Stains.

Removing grass stains can be difficult.
Simply add a half a cup of sugar in a bowl and slowly add enough water to make it a paste.
Apply this paste to the stain and let it absorb for 30 minutes.Then wash your cloth as usually as you do.

Step 4: Remove Oil and Grease From Your Skin.

It is difficult to remove grease and oil from your skin, but not any more.
Just take same amount of liquid soap and sugar in your hand and then rub your hand.
After washing your hand you will also feel your soft.

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