Introduction: Life on Mars

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This is my first project on instructables so the whole project is a bit random and some photos are missing . As I did not no where I was going with the project it was made in the moment ,with random parts that I had around me.I Have had some stress putting it together but enjoyed having the problems on the way and kept changing it as the project was on its way

Step 1:

I started off wanting to make a monkey .....but as always got bored ...I never new what it was going to be just let my imagination go weild .
So i started with making a wire armature and wrapping foil and monster clay around parts of it clay is like a plastercine ./Adding string around and more clay .and then decided that it needs to stand up and started making the face

Step 2:

haha harder than you think to document your progress ..but I hope that the photos will do the talking you can see the monkey finished with fur ...but it didn't feed my imagination enoth started the Frankenstein operation ?

Step 3:

Mind was going crazy at this point as I purchased a i-Que robot that had blue tooth ability ..and took the thing apart ..

Step 4:

Here is some more random photos of the creation with some added ping pong balls as shoIders and wire tiders as arms .I had to removed all the inside of the head to fit the blue tooth device and the speaker and its surround to use as the chest of robot ..I used a light bulb for the dome on his head and placed a soldier that I had inside for the controller haha ..the only think I used off the robot was the blue tooth and the workings ..I then started to paint it silver just to see what it looked like ..I also found an old engine from a airfix car and some fairy lights for headlights on his head

Step 5:

Here you can see the creation coming to life ...I ended up having to go the hospital for some stitches as sliped with my dremel (idiot ) the legs ended having to be reinforced as couldn't take the weight

Step 6:

Hope the photos are doing the talking there would be to many but here's a lowdown
His right hand is made from bike chain and his left is made from polymer clay ..there is a switch in the middle of is engine chest that turns him on :) he also plays music thou the speaker vire blue tooth ...and he also says anything that I text him ..I must say I have enjoyed every minute of making this ..and my story at the end of it is that he was a machine that was controlled by man on mars to try and establish plant growth on the planet ..but not having much joy and is Rusting due to the acid rain ..

Step 7: