LifeHacks #1

Introduction: LifeHacks #1

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This is a simple way to make a shelf only using pushpins. It looks great and its much better than having to install shelf to your wall. And it is less expensive.  

Step 1: Get Materials

For this simple life hack you will need pushpins. I used jumbo sized one's but you can use any size you want. If you are hanging this up like lanyards or headphones, smaller ones work best. If you are using a sword like me, then you can use JUMBO sized.

Step 2: Get Real

Now what you want to do is stick the pins on your canvas. You can do it however you want. Because in this life hack we are setting things up, as if it was a board, make sure your line is straight.

Step 3: Almost Done

Now that your pushpins are canvas now you can set what ever you want on the pushpins. Here are examples of a few easy house hold items you could use.

Step 4: You Are All Set

Hope you like it. More life hacks on the way. Live long and Prosper puny Human.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great! This hack will definitly change some lives. Never would have thought of this. Can't wait for your next offering! Did you like maybe use a 3D printer to make those "push-pins"? You can hollow out those push pins and make a secret hiding compartment. Could these be made out of k'nex? Thanks again!