Introduction: Lift Top Coffee Table W/ Hidden Drawer.

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The multi-use coffee table. One of the most used pieces of furniture of any household. Although its called a coffee table, I don't think many people sit around it to drink coffee nowadays.

With that I introduce to you my version of the coffee table. While looking around for a replacement to my old one I was inspired to make one with the features I wanted.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Tools I used:

Miter Saw

Circular Saw

Jig Saw

Drill w/ Bits

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig (No Pic)

Wood Glue

All kinds of angles and rulers


Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection


Materials Needed:






1-1/8"x1-1/8"x48-1/2" Molding For Top in.


24"x48"x3/4" Wood Panel Top

20-1/2"x39-1/4"x1/4" Panel for drawer

A couple of other things are listed in some steps

Step 2: Making a Box

I started the table from the top.

Using the miter saw and right angle you'll want to measure each 1"x3" to cut the 45 degree angle for the corner.

When your cutting you can leave some extra for the corner braces.

Once the 1"x3"s are cut line them up and put them together using wood glue along with the corner braces. Use a box strap to tighten everything while the glue sets.

1"x3"x46" will be the front and back
1"x3"x22-3/4" will be the two sides.

Step 3: Adding the Bottom(Hidden Drawer )

When adding the second level you want to keep in mind only three sides are getting attached.

1"x3"x42-1/2" are the front and back(one is for the drawer.)
1"x3"x18-3/4" are the side for this level with the legs 2"x2"x18" on each corner.

I used dowels to seat the 1x3 boards together but I didn't glue until I adjusted the legs to each corner. Once everything was set and looked flush I glue the three boards down with clamps. You can leave the drawer board on to keep things from shifting.

Depending on the lift top mechanism you get the measurement between the inside side of the table to where the drawer will attach will differ.This gap will also help hide the drawer slides and give the lift top room to move.

Install the lift top mechanism retracted so that its flush with where the top will be. Attach it to the first level, making sure that its not hitting any when it extends. You can attach the top later, just to keep things light for now.

Step 4: Installing Drawer Slides

These are the drawer slides I purchased. They came with really detailed instructions.

The drawer goes together just like the table just smaller.

The 1x3 serves as the front while the sides are 1/4" boards cut to 20-1/4". The back 1/4" board is 39-1/4". I later on added a 1/2"x1/2" dowel to the front for extra sturdiness. The panel for the bottom is an MDF vinyl.

Step 5: Insert Trays

I had an after thought to make these insert trays to hide the drawer even further. They measure at 20-1/4" by 20-3/4" with left over panel used as the bottom. Install a board in the middle for them to rest on at the same level as the corner braces. Too low and they'll hit the drawer.

Step 6: That's Pretty Much It.

The basics of the table are done. At this point you can stain it or paint. Just make sure you don't paint your drawer shut.

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