Introduction: Liftable / Stand-up / Rising - Desk / Table

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Machanical solution that can be mounted on almost any table & can lift easily high load.

Total costs of this project were cost of table itself + about 150$ in components.

Necessary components:
1. Any cheap bearings x 24
2. Any kind of thick plywood (about 2cm thick)
3. Any Furniture wheels x 4
5. Bolts with flat heads & nuts x 12
6. Mechanical winch x 1
7. Small Construction wheels for cables x 2
8. Cable mounts/clamps x 4
9. Cable x 1 (came with winch)
10. Small construction hooks x 2
11. Strengthening elements like metal corners on top of table base x 4
12. Strengthening elements on bottom part of table sides, 90* metal corners x 4, wooden pins or other imporvisations
13. Screws (various 1cm - 3.5cm)
14. 90* metal corners for top of table x 2

Necessary tools:
1. Drill in a diameter of bearings
2. Drill in a diameter of bolts
3. Small drill for screws
4. Electrical drilling machine
5. Screwdrivers
6. Saw
7. Measuring tools - pencils, angles, rulers, tape measurer, leveling tool 
8. Wire cutter or something you can use for it
9. Pliers 


If you consider such project you should know that it is very importnat to lower construction on both sides of table to make it work, otherwise because of too small angles of the crosses you will brake construction when you will try to lift it. (I will post previous experiments where we broke the table). The larger initial angle of cross will be the easier it will be to rise the table top. In our case our Oak table top weighs about 40kg! 

Another  important thing to remember is to use construction wheels to reduce friction on cable in the corners ( do not use simple hooks if your table top weighs a lot).

You should also choose thick cable, to avoid stretching of cable in longer shoulder (if you use thin cable longer cable will stretch more & it will rise faster).

It is also important to strengthen base of table as much as you can, because forces on corners will try to bend it (our construction is solid without deformations for 2 months now )
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