Light Box Using Cardboard

Introduction: Light Box Using Cardboard

i have made light box (shadow box) using old cardboard box, according to those steps

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • cardboard box
  • A4 white paper 150 gm (10 sheets)
  • Transparent paper
  • 2 light strips (yellow and green)
  • Ruler, craft knife, scissors, pencil and empty pen

Step 2: Making Layers

  • print out this pattern
  • Then trace outline by using pencil and transparent paper to separate each layer
  • Then used the empty pen to transfer the outline from the transparent paper to the 150 gm paper by trace the line with pressing to transfer marks upon the white paper

Step 3: Cutting the Layers

after transfering layers to the white paper i have used the craft knife to cut layers

Step 4: Making Frames From Cardboard

I cut the cardboard box to get 10 frames each is 28 cm x 20 cm
Then fixed each layer to the cardboard frams

Step 5: Making the Box

I have used the rest of the cardboard box to make suitable box with dimensions 30 cm × 22 cm × 14 cm
Then made a square hole in the front of it

Step 6: Fix the Light Strips

First put the layers frams into the box with right sequence and fixed the light strips at the empty back space of the box by set the green light in the center and the yellow light around it and finally connect the light to the power to get amazing light box 😊

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    1 year ago

    This is awesome! I might have to come up with a scene where I could use some individually addressable LEDs to change the scene and bring it to life. Definately a winner in my book!


    1 year ago

    Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Could you post a photo of how the lights are arranged/mounted.