Introduction: Light Bulb Planter

This is a great and easy project, that everyone should try. Since it doesn't have any holes at the bottom, light bulb is a great way of preserving moisture. It helps the plant to grow faster, because it receives the full sun through it's glass and it has a small opening at the top which forces plant to grow faster, since the plant wants to reach out of the hole.

Step 1: Cracking the Light Bulb

Use your pliers or a knife to open the light bulb, just be careful not to cut yourself or to break the bulb. Than break everything inside of it and pull it out.

Step 2: Planting

Put the desired soil inside by sprinkling it with your fingers, then water it with a straw until you see that it's moist enough, sprinkle your seeds and you're done.

Step 3: Growing Time

Now you watch it grow and water it just when you notice that the glass isn't wet. My plant isn't watered since planting.

Thank you and enjoy growing it!

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