Light Changing Pingpong Ball

Introduction: Light Changing Pingpong Ball

This intractable will show you how you can make a light changing pingpong ball using Arduino. These are the materials you need for this project:

  • An RGB LED which is an LED package in which three LEDs (red, green and blue) are embedded.
  • A pingpong ball
  • Wires
  • Arduino kit
  • A laptop which Arduino program is downloaded

If you have collected all of these following materials, follow the circuit shown in the first picture. Then copy the code from the official Arduino website, make a hole on the ping pong ball of a size of the PGB LED. If you did this process correctly and connected with your laptop, you will successfully be able to see the LED changing its color every second. Then plug the pingpong ball onto it. You will be able to see the light changing more vividly.

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    Ping pong balls actually work really well for diffusing LED light. I use them in a lot of my Halloween projects.