Introduction: Light Drill Wack a Mole/ Basketball Drill

First lets get into what the light drill is this is a hand eye coordination tool which is designed for basketball ball handling, but honestly can work as a great light wack a mole game for everyone who wants to build this fast and easy project. Definitely something that will impress your friends, and be a great game.

Step 1: Let's Get the Supplies

Here's what you will need:

3 micro usb cables

3 circuit playgrounds

1 large styrofoam circle or plastic

1 usb hub(optional)


duct tape


double sided tape or glue

Step 2: Sometimes You Gotta Break It to Make It

The first step is to take your screwdriver and make a hole down the center of your styrofoam or plastic disk, make sure that the hole goes through the other side.

Step 3: Through the Hole

Our next step is to insert the three micro usb's through the hole we just poked through.

Step 4: Stick Them Suckers

The next step we are going to take is we will take the double sided tape and stick it to the disk, and put the circuit play grounds on the tape in the position shown in the picture above. We will then plug the circuit playgrounds to the micro usb.

Step 5: The Software

Connect the usb into your computer and then go to install the circuit playground library.

then we will go to the Arduino to install the programming platform.

Step 6: Uploading the Code

We are then gonna upload the code to each one of the boards. If there are problems with your code try adjusting the light sensors sensitivity in the code. (P.S. Don't worry we have it all commented)

Step 7: We Are Almost There Dont Worry (optional Step)

Now that we have all the code uploaded. Let's clean these messy wires up we are gonna take the messy wires lay the wires flat on the disk and tape them down, with the rest of the wire hanging off tape them together.

Step 8: Pick a Spot

Now we are almost done we just need to decide where we are gonna place it. For the whack a mole it is best to place it on the table and tape it down, and if it is going to be used as a basketball drill machine it is best to stick it to a wall.

Step 9: The Final Step

The final step is to plug it in and we are ready to play. When the lights turn red hit your hand on it and it should turn green and turn off. Randomly using a timer it will turn back on. When using it for basketball dribble a ball while looking up and hitting the lights.

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