Introduction: Light Following Robot Using Arduino UNO & LDR

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This is light following robot made in the cheapest way possible. I have used an arduino uno along with L293D motor driver, 2*150rpm BO motors which were controlled using PWM pins. This is a very basic project and DIY stuff, easy to build.

Step 1: Materials Used

1) Arduino Uno

2) Arduino Power adapter with +ve, -ve divider (Photo Given)

3) 2 Light Dependent Resistance

4) L293D Motor Driver

4) Breadboard & some jumper wires

5) 2 DC motor B.O.

6) Chassis

Step 2: Connections

1) Place the 2 LDRs at extreme each side of the bread board to cover a large area of the light falling onto them

2) +ve end of the LDRs were connected to A0 & A1 pins

3) The L293D motor driver had inputs for the left BO motor from pins 4,5 (PWM) and for the right BO motor pins 6,9 (PWM). The outputs were connected to the two BO motors respectively. The 5V pin of the L293D motor was connected to 5V of arduino. The GND and 12V pins were connected in series to the two wires coming from the adapter (+ve for 12V and -ve for GND) on the bread board.

Step 3: Code

The code is here :

All the steps are understandable with comments beside the codes.