Introduction: Light Heavy-Duty Handle

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The original wooden handle of this cabinet door snapped off regularly as it has been placed in a gangway to knee-height. The first approaches for repair consolidated the original design, by applying wood glue and ever heavier handles.

When the handle was destroyed for the umpteenth time I realized that it'll always be either bend or break. That was when I fixed the rope, shaped like a handle and using the original screw-openings.

The result is a handle that is indestructible. And they lived happily ever after.

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Step 1: Design Features

The solution to a repetitive repair has been to radically redesign the handle of a cabinet door. The guiding principle in this case has been: bending versus breaking. The first option (bending) is then to be preferred, at least from a maintenance perspective. But also in view of protecting one's knees. Perhaps not from the perspective of aesthetics. Let's call it functional design.

Step 2: License

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