Introduction: Light Jewel ✽ Control Your LED Stripe Without Arduino and Code

This is a smart lamp that changes the brightness by folding the top piece.


This is an all the user-friendly lamp for anyone who enjoys reading in a relaxing environment. Try to image people sitting at the desk by a window with some cool breeze. After a period time of reading, and you want to take an easy nap. Simply folding the lamp to dim the light..... :)

Step 1: Sketch / Material to Prepare

< What you will need >
1 stripe LED. (Here I use about 1 foot long)
1 12V battery (I found a small 12v battery from lamp store, and that's perfect for the LED I am using )
1 battery holder

< Some other material depends on your design>
1. Copper tape
2. Velostat film by 3M
3. Tiny piece of high-performance silver fabric (resistivity is less than 0.25 ohm/sq )

4. Foam board (or other kinds of board you may want to work on)
5. Foam or sponge.

< Tools >
Cutting tools

Solder material if you could! (I taped my connection while making the prototype, and I realized that I definitely have to solder them to make it looks better and stable)

- Think about what kind shape you like and that will help you choose pick up some material you may have left at home! (Recycle is always good! I use the foam board from old projects)

Step 2: Prototype

Starting from prototype

I decide to make the black stripe as the main circuit when the power is connected ( This circuit makes the LED stripe keep lighting on. )

The second circuit is from copper material. By banding from the top board (open/ close) to complete the second circuit (copper tape/ copper fabric), the light will be brighter due to its resistance difference.

Step 3: Test and Design the Action

Setting up the basic circuit, and then we need to create a type of potentiometer in order to create a kind of fading light

Step 4: Making!

Recreate the same circuit on a proper material and size as we design.

★ Try to solder you any possible connection so you will have more stable performance ★

(for me, I soldered my battery + - on the copper tape, and all the other connection including battery holder to LED stripe + - )

After You build the circuits, and you can start to think about how are you going to decorate on the outside.

Step 5: FINALLY!! Let's Check It Out Without Lighting Source

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