Light Sensitive Lamp

Introduction: Light Sensitive Lamp

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This is a project wherein we going to build a light sensitive lamp.

The lamp switches on whenever there is a decrease in surrounding light and switches off when the light in your surrounding becomes sufficient enough for our eyes to see things around. A light dependent resistor (LDR) will help us sense the intensity of light.

These lamps could be used on street lights which can automatically cutoff during daytime. You can also deploy it in your home outside lights.

Step 1: Components Required

You will need the following materials for making your own light sensitive lamp

>Arduino Uno

>2 channel relay(1 channel relay would also work fine)

>LDR(Light Dependent Resistor )

>Jumper wires



>2 Pin plug

>100k resistor

>screw drivers

Step 2: Connect High Voltage Device ( BULB ) With the ARDUINO

We make use of a Relay(an electromagnetic switch)which provides isolation between the high (the BULB) and low (the ARDUINO) voltage circuit.

Make the circuit connections as follows

COM terminal (relay) => Supply from mains

NO terminal (relay) => Supply line to bulb

VCC ( relay ) => 5V (arduino)

GND (relay) => GND (arduino)

IN1 (relay) => D8 (arduino)

Make sure you have color wise arrangement as in the image.

Step 3: Connect the LDR to Arduino

>Give 5V supply to one of its terminal.

>Connect one 100k resistance in series to the terminal supplied with 5V.

>From the same node make a connection to A0 on the arduino.

>Ground the resistor and other terminal of the LDR.

Step 4: Connect the BULB to the Relay

Since this project deals with high voltage.

It is advised to work with great caution.

Incorrect or improper use can cause injuries or physical damage to devices.

Step 5: Upload Sketch

Download the sketch and upload it to your Arduino Uno from the IDE

Step 6: Watch Tutorial

I hope that you found this instructable useful.

You can also watch the video on light sensitive lamp here.

If you have any queries, feel free to discuss in comments.

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    2 years ago on Step 4

    Hi i like your video, you help me a lot. But in some part i don't getting understand. Like part how and what the bulb connect to relay and arduino UNO. Like which pin in details thank you so much.. I'm sorry if my English make you confused... i hope you reply me fast....

    Screenshot_20200928-151228_Video Player.jpg
    kirthik vasan
    kirthik vasan

    Reply 2 years ago

    I have added the schematics please let me know if you find it uselful.
    Have a great day