Introduction: Light Sensor Stepper Motor Arduino

Mechatronics class project

Step 1: Light Sensor Stepper Motor Arduino

Step 2: Plug in Your Stepper to the Stepper Driver

IN1 to Arduino pin 11

IN2 to Arduino pin 10

IN3 to Arduino pin 9

IN 4 to Arduino pin 8

Step 3: Photo Resistor to A0

One side of Photo resistor to 5v

Other side of Photo resistor to A0 on Arduino

Resistor from ground ALSO to A0 (I used 1k)

Step 4: Power Stepper Driver

The breadboard helped me jump 5v to photoresistor & stepper driver (Brown wire NOT used)

Step 5: Yup Light

LED positive to Arduino pin 7

ground on one side of 1k resistor to LED negative (Flat side) on the other

Step 6: Code :)

// Arduino stepper motor control code

#include <Stepper.h>

// Include the header file

// change this to the number of steps on your motor

#define STEPS 32

// create an instance of the stepper class using the steps and pins

Stepper stepper(STEPS, 8, 10, 9, 11);

int val = 0;

int LED = 7;

int LDR = A0;

void setup()




pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);

pinMode(LDR, INPUT);


void loop()


int LDRValue = analogRead(LDR);

Serial.print("sensor = ");

if (LDRValue <=100)


digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);

val = Serial.parseInt();



//for debugging




digitalWrite(LED, LOW);



Step 7: Special Thanks!

-Aswinth Raj

The difference maker in putting this together!

-IoT Solutions

This gave me some key elements to roll