Introduction: Light Switch Grip

I've had trouble with the switch on my lamp, which is tough to get a grip on to turn, especially after putting lotion on my hands. I've found that hanging my graduation tassel from it is a relatively un-tacky way of giving my hands more purchase on the switch.

(note: I have previously published this under a different username, but it was for a class and the professor wanted me to use a less identifiable username. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.)

Step 1: Materials

Here I've used a graduation tassel, but you can probably use anything with a cord about the width of the tassel's (3mm). It's best if it's not something you're emotionally attached to--the string on this is wearing away a bit after almost two years, and gluing it down would probably make it easier to use, but ruin it if you need to take it off.

Step 2: Tie It to the Light Switch

You can either hang it off the switch and work with it that way, or make a noose knot (i.e. what you use to tie a cell phone charm).

For a noose knot:

1. Pull the top of the loop over the light switch.
2. Pull the tassel through the loop.
3. Tighten. It helps if you keep a thumb on the edge of the switch to keep the loop from falling off in the process.

Step 3: Finished!

And that's all! When you go to turn the switch, squeeze the string between your fingers and the switch for a better grip.