Light Switch Plate

Introduction: Light Switch Plate

I designed this light switch plate after going to Lowe's and looking and their rather limited selection. I saw a few on line designs but they didn't quite fit my needs. So, I designed a custom one. And now you can too!

Step 1: Design

I used TinkerCad as this is a fairly simple design. For more complicated designs, I use SolidWorks and convert to a .STL file. First, simply measure the area that you need to cover with a light switch. Start with a rectangle. Bevel the edges. Make rectangular slots. Then add screw holes and counter sink them with a beveled edge.

Step 2: Dimensions

Next adjust your dimensions. This may take longer than expected. I converted to mm to be more accurate.

Step 3: Customize

Customize your light switch using embossed or debossed script writing. I designed this one for my Engineering Technologies Classroom.

Step 4: More Customizing

Choose your colors. I printed it in 2 colors by pausing the printer at the right time. Then I switched filaments to a different color, continued printing.

Step 5: Finished

Ta-daaaa! Final print. Installed on wall over switches. You can increase or decrease the thickness but this will affect screw length and switch accessibility.

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