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Introduction: Light That Picture !

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This is a pretty simple project where we take a little photo and turn it in a very nice decorative object for any boy,man,father,plummer to admire :)

The Cost of this project is very low :
-Here's what we need-

1. Full page a4 or bigger color print : $1.00 aprox.
2. Four or more LED's in my case from 4 lighters : $3.00 aprox.
3. Eight or more 20cm thin wires : $1.00 aprox.
4. Electrical Tape : $0.50 aprox.
5. A4 photo frame : $2.50 aprox.
6. Small On/Off electrical swich : $0.50 aprox.
7. 9v Battery : $1.50 aprox.

Total Cost : $10 - Give or take a few bucks
Most of you who are on this website probably have half if not all the parts in ur house allready !

To make this project it took me around 30-40 min.

Now if you decided to face the fears and build your own awesome "whatever this is" i made this complete instructable for you but i really recommend before you start making it view the video instructable to get an idea of how this looks and how cool it is !

PS, for more video hacks visit my website

I hope you have fun and enjoy !
Thank you

Step 1: Find Photo & Print !

Here's what we start with,

1. We will need a car photo ! (pic.1)

If you have a favorite car photo you may want to use that one, but i say take your time and search the internet for a really good looking car picture , keeping in mind that you will display it publicly ex :home,office ! So make sure it's the right picture ! Take the one i chose as an example.

2. Printing The Picture (pic.2)

Now if you found the picture you want to use and have a color printer print it using your best quality options, if you don't have a printer then you may print it at a local photo shop for about $1 !

3. "If you have access to a a3 printer then that would be cooler because it's bigger but i only had a4 available"

4. In the end, you need a full page photo print with one or more cars ! (pic.3)

Step 2: LEDs & Wires

Now for step 2

We are gonna have to find something cheap with white LEDs , i found a few cigarette lighters that cost only a few cents each and have a white LED.

1. Now i took them apart and removed the LEDs (pic. 2,3,4)

2. As you can see in (pic. 4) i took 4 LEDs from 4 lighters because i have 2 fully visible cars in my photo and each LED will later act as a car headlight !

3. Now after taking the LEDs get 8 thin 15cm long wires and connect each LED in parallel , i connected the green wires to the + terminal and the orange to the - terminal !

That's it for this step !

Step 3: Photo & LEDs

Now that we have the Photo and the LEDs,

1. Take the photo and flip it to the other side . (pic. 1)
2. Pinpoint where the car headlights would be on the printed side,and mark the spot with a pen. (pic. 2)
3. Take a LED and poke the paper in the spot u marked . (pic. 3)
4. Make sure the LED's light is positioned in angle with the car's headlight in the photo .
5. Secure everything down with electrical tape to minimize the volume of our added parts . (pic. 4)
6. In the end connect all the green wires together and all the oranges ones to ! (pic. 5)

Make sure you lineup the LEDs with the photo and car headlight angle ( very important ).
Make sure you don't mix up the + wires with the - wires ( better to use 2 color wires )
Make sure that every LED is secured well on the photo and won't move from position !
Be careful not to brake to much of the photo. (it won't look really good)
A pretty better understanding of what you need to do may be found in the video instructable.

Step 3 over !

Step 4: Frame

Now for the frame...

The main idea is you will need a frame for the photo.
I took a standard a4 21x30cm desk / wall photo frame from my local photography store . you may even build your own if you have the time & skills but i didn't so i went and bought one dirt cheap. (pic. 1)

In (pic. 2) you see me removing the backside cover in order to place my (project) inside ... most frames have a few metal heads that hold the wood/cardboard cover & photo in place , mine had 6.

Now in (pic. 3) as you can see , i placed the photo along with it's new parts inside the frame after removing the cover , don't place the cover back just yet because we still have a little modding to do !

Go to the next step....

Step 5: Battery & Switch

Almost done...

1. Now take your frame cover and find a spot where you want to place your 9v battery but make sure the wires can reach it .

2. Using a pen i outlined the 9v battery on the cover and then cut out the space to place the battery ! (pic 1,2)

3. With electrical tape i made the wire to battery contacts and added a little on/off switch i had from an old desk lamp (pic. 3)

4.In (pic. 4) i tested the connections,switch and if everything works the way i wanted it to !

5. Then i took the switch and applied plastic glue and stuck it to the side of the frame pretty well hidden (pic. 5)

6. Then secure the cover back on there with the metal heads and make sure everything is tight and looks good and nothing's lose ! and it should all be done ! (pic. 6)

View the next step for pictures of the final product !

Step 6: Here It Is !

After all that work...

This is what it looks like in a few different light scenes .
Also, to get a better view of the final product i recommend you watch the video instructable .

Thank you for viewing this instructable !
I would really appreciate a rank if you think this project is cool ! for more of my work !

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    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    mine looks like that but has a lot more chocolate stains on it =]]]


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    hahah yeah i have chocolate n crumbs in the corners of my touchpad heheh


    14 years ago on Introduction

    I am building these since 2-3 yeat!
    A good idea is to to the same on a clock. it work great and give good result!
    make 20-30 and sale em on a garage sale! you can easyly ask for 5-10$ each when it cost you a dollars to make one! (100 9v battery on ebay = 50$, 100 led = 10$) so less than 0.60$/each!


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Very true ! i found an a3 picture in a store like the one i made and it cost around 130$ the only thing different was the fact that it was bigger !


    14 years ago on Step 6

    Very creative project - well done and very good directions. One suggestion - a piece of white matte board for a border would make it look even better.


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much for the kind words, future projects are influenced so much by positive response from the online community !