Light Torch Diffuser From Plastic Bottle



Introduction: Light Torch Diffuser From Plastic Bottle

light from a torch should be too bright if we use it to lighting on table in minimum light condition.
maybe when we eat, work, etc, or even in tend.

that why light torch produser making diffuser for those product.

but why we need to buy it and spend money if we can make it. it would be much more cheaper in easy away.

Step 1: What We Need

we only need a bottle from a drink.
choose white plastic bottle.

and ofcourse a scissor to cut it

Step 2: Lets Do It

clean up that bottle from any liquid.
we dont want if our lovely light torch contaminate with sticky liquid, rite?

measuring light torch diameter.
cut bottle neck with that number, make it lill less than true number.
make sure you dont make it too big, because that would fail this project, and make you need another bottle then ... lol

after that .... pop it to head of light torch

now our diffuser ready to use :D

its cheap, easy, simple, and green .... because we made it from our plastic trash

hope this idea is usefull for you

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