Introduction: Light Up Boo

About: Hey!!! My name is Sarju. I am currently 16 years old and I love to program and tinker with my arduinos. I got into making instructables and arduino from the Instructables user ASCAS. Check out his profile too.

Hello! In this instructable I'll guide you on how to make your very own Light Up Boo from Super Mario Bros. What this does is once it is dark, the Boo lights up! It saves power by turning on only when it is dark. I hope you like it and If you do then please vote for me in the Make Energy Challenge, Make it Glow Contest, and the Enchanted Objects Contest. Now let's get started!

Step 1: Gather the Materials!

To make the Light Up Boo you will need the following materials:

1x Round White 8 Inch Paper Lantern Here is a link:


1x Markers to draw boo face or you can print one out

1x Arduino Uno

1x photocell

1x 10k ohm resistor

13x LED

1x 9v Wall Wart for arduino

-26x Jumper cables Female to Male

- Hot Glue and hot glue gun

- Solder and soldering iron

- electrical tape

Laptop and Arduino IED to program the arduino

Step 2: Wiring

Wire as shown. The resistor is supposed to be 10k. Put electrical tape over led connections as shown to prevent short circuiting. Also do what it shows in the image but duplicate the same thing for the other 12 leds putting the longer legs in pins 1 to 13 and connecting all the ground.

Step 3: Code

Upload the code attached to this step and the 800 at the beggining of the loop can be changed lower to activate when it is brighter and you can raise it higher so it activates when it is darker.

Step 4: Build the Boo

First Assemble the Paper Lantern by following the video on this step or with an instruction manual if you recieved one when you bought your paper lantern. Then if you are gluing a print out then find one cut out the parts of the body then place them on with tape or anything temporary to make sure you have good placement. If you are drawing then I would reccomend looking at a picture and draw it the best you can. Remeber to draw Boo's hands.

Step 5: Assemble!

put the LEDs in the boo and leave everything else out. Here are the pictures.

Step 6: Video

Here is a video of it working.

Step 7: Great Work!

You completed your Light Up Boo! Now please take a second and vote for me for the Make Energy, Make it Glow, and Enchanted Objects Contest. If you need help feel free to ask in the comments. Also be sure to show me your light up boo with any twists like fading leds or just a switch and no arduino. Thanks for reading!

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