Light Up Bow From Saran Wrap and Hot Glue and LED Throwie




Introduction: Light Up Bow From Saran Wrap and Hot Glue and LED Throwie

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Create a cute, bright, lighted bow with saran wrap, hot glue, and a couple of  modified LED throwies. Yup, you heard me… saran wrap and hot glue. It is the perfect holiday craft for mom’s and daughters to do together, without breaking the bank.

DIY: How to Make A Lighted Holiday Bow from iHeartSwitch on Vimeo.

Step 1: Materials

  • Saran Wrap
  • Hot glue gun and sticks (For some sparkle, use glitter glue sticks)
  • 2 LEDs
  • Scissors
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Tape (Clear packing tape or duct tape)
  • 3-V battery (CR3202)
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Toothpick or stir straw (optional)

Step 2: Cut and Wind Your Saran Wrap

Cut a length of saran wrap that is about 5 times longer than you want your actual bow. Grab the end of the saran wrap and hold it tight. This will be the center of your bow.

Begin wrapping a bow shape with the saran wrap making two loops. Do this a couple of times. When you are finished, you should have small length left over. Wrap it around itself in the center and just tuck it away into itself. It is a basic bow making technique. Fluff up the bow with your fingers.  See video for details.

Step 3: Hot Glue to Give the Bow Structure

Using hot glue gun cover the entire top of the bow with hot glue. Once it is dry, flip it over and cover the back. You can do this a few times and do whatever pattern you like. Just make sure it is dry before flipping it over or touching the glue.

(Add glitter at this juncture if you want a little sparkle on your bow)

Step 4: Light Up the LEDs

Straddle two LEDs around your battery matching the + and - of the LEDs to the + and - of the battery. With the + side facing down, gently bend the LEDs upward at a 25 degree angle, making sure the + and - wires of the LED do not touch.

Tape the LEDs into place by putting tape on both sides of the battery and lights. Make sure the tape covers the edges of the battery and trim the edges.

If you want, you can try the LED battery box instead, but remember you need TWO LEDs

Step 5: Finish by Inserting the Light Into Your Bow

Make two small holes on the back of the bow, one for each loop and push one light into each hole and secure them with hot glue. If they are flickering, then your LED wires may be touching and you will need to separate them.

Add your bow to any of your gifts or wreath or whatever project you have. The battery should last a couple days if it’s fresh.

BONUSFor a really cute gift-wrap topper, make a pom pom using this technique from Creature Comforts (make sure to still use saran wrap!), 1 LED, and stencil paint on the tips of the saran wrap.

Step 6: Extra: Make a Switch for the Bow

If you want to control when the light comes on, you can make a little switch by adding a toothpick or small stir straw in-between the + of the LEDs and + of the battery. When your ready for light just pull the toothpick out and press down the LED and tape to ensure the power is going to the LEDs. You’ll know when you have it right when it lights up. If it doesn’t want to light up after doing this, fold up some tin foil and put it between the + of the LED and battery to ensure a good connection.

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    These are very cool and I love how easy it is to make them! I'm guessing this is directed at people with less electronics experience. However I'm wondering how long are these going to last before the batteries die?


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Its so simple yet it looks so good.
    Maybe you could try putting some aluminum foil pieces and wax paper into the saran wrap as your winding it. Might look better, might look worse, just a thought.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting idea. I also like the idea of covering it with sparkles, but only on the inside. If you completely cover the exterior it won't light up as well.

    Another note: this bow can be put over any LED light, so if you have something, say a wreath or tree with lights, you can easily fit this over the lights you are using.