Introduction: Light Up LED Cards

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It's aardvark again for another Instructable. This is a less expensive way of making a light up card than some other methods online. I think this project is a fun way to teach teenage girls and boys about electricity. I hope you enjoy and happy making!


a5 cardstock

LED (colour depends on design choice)

Conductive adhesive copper tape

3v coin cell battery

5cm x 10cm rectangle of paper 1in x 2in

Double sided tape

Double sided foam dots x 3

Topper of your design


Step 1: Folding

Start by folding the piece of a5 cardstock in half in landscape orientation.

Step 2: The Flap

Fold the flap in half landscape and attach double sided tape to the bottom of it. Peel the tape away and stick in the top right hand corner. The open edge of the flap should align with the right hand side of the card.

Note: this step must be completed on the top layer of the folded a5 cardstock

Step 3: Punching the LED Hole

Using a pencil, punch a hole in the topper, which will fit the LED in snugly.

Step 4: Drawing the Circle

Place the topper over the cardstock and draw a circle through the LED hole onto the cardstock. When you do this make sure the corners of your topper and cardstock are aligned.

Step 5: First Connection

Bend an LEDs' legs outwards. The longer leg (positive leg) needs to face right and the shorter leg (negative leg) needs to face left. Place the LED onto the circle you drew in the last step with the legs facing the correct way (as per last sentence.) Run a strip of copper tape over the right LED leg to the flap. Rub the tape down with your nail so that it sticks and conducts better.

Step 6: Second Connection

Run a second piece of conductive adhesive copper tape from the left LED leg. This piece of tape will go straight then turn and go up and over the flap. To make the tape turn, bend it the opposite way to that which you want it to go and bend it back again. Don't rush the bend as the copper tape will tear as it is very thin. When you have laid the copper tape down, smooth it with your nail.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Stick one adhesive foam dot on each corner of the cardstock with the exception of the top right corner (this is because the battery must be accessible at all times.) Stick two tiny pieces of blu-tack on each side of the copper tape on the bottom of the flap (this will ensure the battery stays in direct contact with the copper.) Place the battery so that the side with the + sign (positive side) is facing the top of the flap.

Step 8: Finished Product

Place the topper onto the design so that the LED goes through the hole. Make sure that the sides are aligned and apply pressure to each corner to stick the topper to the card. Now you can write your desired message inside the card. Press down on the top right hand corner and the LED will light up.

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