Introduction: Light Up LEDs Using Your TV Remote

In this project we can light up LED s using our TV Remote or any Remote.

the way we do this by using the IR coming out of the remote,this IR signal has a unique code ,this unique code is received by an IR receiver and do something in this case light up LED s. so lets do this project.

To this project we need these materials;

-Arduino UNO



-IR receiver

-TV remote

-3 LED s

Step 1: Check Your Remote IR Code First

to do see the schematic and upload the code and record the IR code of your Remote.

we will use this code later in our code.

-download the source code that get the IR code here:

Step 2: Complete the New Circuit to Light Up LED S

now seeing the schematic complete the circuit .

and upload the code to light the 3 LEDs.

-download the code here:

Step 3: Watch the Video and See More

thanks for watching.

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