Introduction: Light Up Paper Cactus Project

First things first you need to gather up all the supplies we will be using! Materials are listed below.

1. A blank sheet of white paper

2. About a foot of copper tape

3. A 3 volt button battery

4. A roll or clear tape

5. A black and Green Marker

6. Lastly a 3 volt LED light

Step 1: Drawing Your Cactus Outline.

Next using the black marker you will need to draw the outline of your cactus. You may draw this any way you would like.

Step 2: Coloring Your Cactus

After you finish your cactus outline, you can then color it in with the green marker!

Step 3: Applying Copper Tape

Once you're finished coloring in your cactus you then apply a thin line of copper tape in a box shape around your cactus.

Step 4: Placing Your Battery

You then rip a little piece of tape, and place your 3 volt button battery on one side of the copper tape.

Step 5: Placing Your Light Bulb

You then make a space between the piece of tape, and place the bulb on the copper tape to where it touches both sides of the tape.

Step 6: Making Things Light Up!

Once your battery is placed on the side of the copper tape you fold in the edge of your paper so both sides touch the battery.

Step 7: You're Finished!

Just like that your light up cactus is complete! Hope these directions helped:)