Introduction: Light Up Pumpkin Pendant

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So its officially the tail end of September which means its time for that most wonderful time of the year

No not "THAT" one


And with that in mind I am going to show you how to make a a Light up Pumpkin pendant that can be attached like a key ring, worn like a necklace or even just sat as part of a display piece

Below is a video and also a step by step photo guide.

Enjoy : )


Orange and green polymer clay (additional colours optional)
a small glass jar (like a single serving jam jar)
A paper clip
and a Key ring

Or a piece of cord/string

A small light of some sort (this can even be an LED and a button battery)


Modelling tools but toothpicks, lollipop stick and paper clips work just as well

Craft knife

a surface to work on (i use a plastic chopping board)

An oven
Wet wipes (handy for smoothing surfaces/removing finger print/ smudges)

Step 1: Making Your Pumpkin

First of screw the lid lightly onto your jar (this will make a step later on easier)

Take you paper clip and fold one "loop" 90 degrees.

Place a small bit of polymer clay on the lid and sink the paperclip into it with the upwards loop near the centre.

Now roll out a length of clay into a snake and then flatten it out. You dont want to go too thin and you can use your jar like a rolling pin :)

Make one end into an arrow shape and place that end on top of your jar, ideally next to your paper clip loop.

Drape the rest of the jar pressing it in place and make sure it reaches all the way round to the bottom.

Trim off any excess and for the end into another arrow shape.

Repeat until the entire jar is covered.

Step 2: A Little Off the Top

Now using your craft knife cut along the circumference of the jar where the lid ends (the will probably be a little dip in the clay to show you where this is)

Unscrew the top half (see aren't you glad you didn't put it on tight in the last step)

Step 3: Face Off

Using a tooth pick of lightly with the craft knife you can plan out the features of your pumpkin.

Then carefully cut it out using a toothpick to tidy up an loose bits

After you have cut out the eyes, mouth etc its ready to go in the oven BUT you can always use some more clay to add features and sculpt more details into it (you may also want to go over the edges of the pumpkin sections again to sharpen them up. you can do this with the tooth pick also)

Handy hint: The rounded edge of the paperclip is good for smoothing

Step 4: Topping It Off

You may want to give your hands and work top a clean at this point to stop you from getting orange stains on your green.

Now take your lid section and break out some green clay.

Flatten some out and make it into leaf shapes.

Attach them around your paper clip loop and add details with the toothpick.

Now is a good time to give the whole thing a wipe with the wet wipes before putting both bits in the oven as per the polymer clays instructions.

Step 5: Last Steps

Once its bakes and cooled down run the keyring through the paperclip hook, pop a light in and tadaaa...

Step 6: Done

And you're done!
As I said these can be used like pendants, keyrings or just cool little lights.

If you have some modelling paints you can add some shade and definition (or blood;) ) or if you have some other colours why not add some eyeball, teeth or other features (Glow in the dark polymer clay works really well)

I had a lot of fun making these and I hope you do to

As always I hope you enjoyed this instructable and as always, thoughts, comments and even photos of your own light up pumpkin pendants are always welcome in the comments section below.

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