Introduction: Light Up Star Wars Holocrons

I 3D printed two holocrons from the Star Wars Universe. For one I simply utilized the stl files provided by a kind individual who did all the design work and posted the files on Thingiverse. The Jedi Holocron can be found here. Taking what I learned from building the Jedi Holocron I designed and built my own simple Sith Holocron.

Step 1: Jedi Holocron

The STL files for the Jedi Holocron are just a simple bass with one side which you are supposed to print five different times. Once I did that, however, I could not stop there. My holocrons have built in bluetooth speakers with LEDs so they light up and can talk to you and play audio files. Provides a very neat effect.

Step 2: Jedi Holocron: Individual Pieces

Once I 3D printed the individual pieces I painted the sides blue and the insides silver. I created small L-shaped edges which I printed and put on the outside, painted silver, for some additional design effect. I used plexiglass behind each panel and roughed each up with sand paper so it was frosty.

Step 3: Edge Additions

Step 4: Frosting

I forgot to take photos of the frosting or placement portions of this project. However, it was simply taking the plexiglass and running sandpaper over it several times to create the frosted effect. I then glued multiple layers of the plastic pains onto the individual panes of the holocron.

Step 5: Putting It Together.

I wanted my holocron to have lights and sound. So I purchased a bluetooth speaker with LEDs built in. I could have tried building the LED speaker myself, but decided the purchased ones were cheap enough I'd just avoid the anticipated hassle.

Step 6: Bluetooth From Ebay

The particular bluetooth speaker I purchased can be found here. An alternative can also be found here.

Step 7: Magnetic Holds

I needed to be able to remove and charge the speaker but did not want loose parts or hinges. So, I used some neodymium magnets to attach both the lid and the base. They are very small and not very noticeable. I glued cylinder magnets to the inside of each corner then thin, flat magnets to the base and lid. They hold the parts together extremely well and do not interfere with the speaker.

Step 8: Speaker

After charging, just place the speaker on the base, turn it on and attach the holocron. Once you pair a device to the speaker you and run any audio file you wish to the holocron. Personally I use the Jedi Holocron to listen to Star Wars audio books.

I debated about drilling some small holes in the top of the holocron, but the sound is still very distinct without them. So I just left the Jedi Holocron as is.

Step 9: Sith Holocron

The Sith Holocron is not as distinct (yet) as the Jedi, but it's my first go around.

Step 10: The Plans

I first measured the bluetooth speaker I intended to use at the center as it would dictate the dimensions of the holocron. Given the base size, the four sided pyramid had to be a little larger than I would have liked, but the size is necessary to accommodate the speaker. I measured and cut out cardboard prototype to make sure it would work with my measurements. After I got the measurements correct, I used Autodesk 123Design to create each panel.

Step 11: Pyramid

Once I 3D printed the panels, I attached them with Gorilla Glue and metal brackets. I was lucky my measurements worked out and the pyramid slid together nicely. I tested the bluetooth speaker with LEDs as shown above to make sure it fit and would work.

Step 12: Speaker Holes

Unlike the Jedi Holocron, the Sith Holocron's sound seemed muffled, so I measure a diameter at the top, drew a circle and drilled several speaker holes on two sides of the pyramid.

Step 13: Paint

I first painted the pyramid bright red. Then sprayed gold paint in short random bursts around the pyramid. I used conductive foil to trace the trim of the holocron. I had intended to do something with the fact the edges are conductive (still might) but what I originally intended does not work with the speaker. But it still looks pretty cool.

Step 14: Sith Oath

The Sith have their own saying regarding the Force:

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken. The Force shall free me."

So I printed sidings for a base of the pyramid and laser etched the sayings into the base.

Step 15: Semi-finish Product

The base connects to the bottom of the pyramid. The same bluetooth speaker fits inside, lights up, and plays whatever audio files I choose. The next one will have more detail and be a little more thought out, but I'm happy with this one as my first.

Step 16: Jedi and Sith

The holocrons are now glorified bluetooth speakers with lights.... but they definitely get attention if used in public. It's very cool to watch kids faces when Darth Vader's voice comes out of them.

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