Introduction: Light Weight Metal Extendable GoPro Pole for Under $10.00

I wanted to have a light weight, non cheap looking, sturdy and yet extendable pole for my GoPro. You can buy a nicely made commercial Gopole for 20-50 dollars depending on options. Or You can make this for Under $10.00 Go to BigLots and under their paint section you will find this extendable paint roller for $5.00. You will need a hack saw, stickers, para cord, tennis grip if preferred and electrical tape

Step 1: Get Your Hacksaw

Start cutting the tip of the red part near the end. The plastic and metal are soft so my rusty hacksaw cut through it easily.

Step 2: Wrap the End With Electrical Tape

I would start with the tip where the metal was cut and just keep wrapping until no sharp edges are protruding. This is also the step where you wrap it to the thickness you need for your GoPro seat post mount. Benefit if electrical tape is that it minimizes slippage where the camera mount sits, so it won't spin around.

Step 3: Stickers Make Everything Better

Pretty much self explanatory. I also used a piece of para cord as a lanyard for my wrist to increase stability and security.

Step 4: It's Done! Enjoy!

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