Introduction: Light and Ladder

DOB: July 4th 1982

Quality is the heart of our business and independence is its soul.

Light and Ladder founder Farrah Sit has been making useful, original home decor since 2009 and with the overwhelming success of her personal line, she has been inspired to expand and collaborate with other visionary artists and bring a modern approach to traditional American values through craft.

United under Farrah's fresh aesthetic and careful direction, Light and Ladder provides hand-picked artists and designers with a platform to produce their far from ordinary household objects. Strikingly unique and fun to use the collections are crafted by caring local artisans. Light and Ladder’s aim is to enrich homes and communities with functional, affordable art that inspires future generations.

Harkening back to the days of American-based, American-quality manufacturing, the brand is making a commitment to a disappearing standard for excellence and creativity. Light and Ladder believes that responsible, local production contributes to our country's future and honors its traditions. Each artist and manufacturer is celebrated with a personal profile, so customers know who their purchase is supporting.

Light and Ladder is dedicated to creating thoughtful, beautiful pieces at a fair price that will withstand everyday wear while maintaining their timeless beauty.

The prize money will be used responsibly to grow the business so that the product remains as affordable as possible as we wholesale to retailers around the country.

Currently, we have the capabilities to retail the products directly to customers. In order to reach a wider audience, we need to hit competitive wholesale prices by committing to production quantities with our local manufacturers.

- Invest in necessary ceramic and metal molds, and raw material.
- Invest in production quantities so that we may launch at the 2013 New York International Gift Fair
- Get the full line into production!

If we are going to make a change in the industry, we need to educate the consumer and offer affordable, innovative American-made options.

We need your help to do this.  Thank you Jack Daniels!

Collaborators united under the vision that art can be affordable, useful, and made with integrity:
Bryce Wymer, Artist
Intrigued by the power of art and expression in the everyday object, we created a line of illustrated dinnerware.

Niky Roehreke, Illustrator
Fresh, innovative and iconic of our times, Niky’s illustrations adorn furniture and ceramics and will fascinate for future generations to come.

Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm, Floral and Garden Designer
Responding to the demand for a simple, clean, natural aesthetic, a collection of sculptural vessels for flowers and greenery is born.

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