Light of the Sound




Introduction: Light of the Sound

A technology saturation has taken the place of the space we shared, the light is something daily and people is seating next to the other around machines but they don't value their company.

what would you do if light and its sounds get tired and desapeare? I'm sure we would miss them the most. The light could be created with sounds that we generate when we are together, when we found a way to escape of so many machines.

The idea is to create light with music, with sounds that we generate together. Our company will help to illuminate the space that we shared.

Step 1: Make a Box!

Make a box without the frontal lid, with wood (triplex), to avoid damages when the electric light bulb gets hot. Make it in the size of the image below.

Step 2: Holes!

Now you have to make 3 holes in the box, the first one is a circle on the back to hear the sounds of de box, and the others are in the lateral sides for the light. you can try diferent shapes for these holes acording to your stile!

Step 3: Cords!

In the frontal side put 3 cords in each superior corner and make sure they touch the frontal lid by the time you paste it, to generate different sounds when you finish the box.

Step 4: Light and Circuit!

Place an electric light bulb (110 volt) on the inner side of the bottom as in the picture. Then conect the light bulb to wiring (open files of the cicuit codes below). This generate the light with the vibration of the cords.

Step 5: Two Boxes!

the wiring was created for to boxes so make another one and concet it to the same circuit of the fist one.
After all this you can play one box and this will show his own light and also the light of the other box, in this way you will be calling someone else with the light to play the boxes with you! GOOD LUCK

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    5 years ago

    please send the circuit!!!


    14 years ago

    I like the idea. I can also see something similar, maybe with strings to play, like a guitar, that would make different color lighting patterns depending on the notes player. I think it would also be interesting to network these over the internet, so you could interact via light and sound, with a person on the other side of the world I might have to look into that. But I like this idea. Good Work.

    tornado project
    tornado project

    15 years ago on Step 4

    Brilliant Project! But the files for the cicuito1 and cicuito2 dont work. Can you please post them again?